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Anode Bags Keep slud
Anode Bags Keep sludge in the bag...not in your bath If your electro-plating solution requires anode bags, chances are we've already made your size and shape to fit a particular problem in waste management. That's why we make quality bags of various fabrics to fit your anode bag requirements. The Rubber Bottom Bag makes double bagging unnecessary! When you need the best bag for the money, ask for CRAP TRAP, the world's only bag with a reinforced rubber bottom. This added protection makes these bags last up to 5 times as long as regular bags, yet it costs you only pennies more. Made in virtually all sizes and materials. Eliminates the need for double bagging, and assures you of a cleaner bath with fewer rejects. This bag is highly recommended for brite nickel. Hold fines best. The Polynap and Polypropylene holds up well in most solution. We manufacture anode, basket, chemical addition and filter bags, including duplex bags in any custom size. Only top quality Polypropylene cord is used. All our bags are double sewn top and bottom with 100% Polypropylene threads. Drawstrings and ties double sewn, so they won't pull out.
  • 2016-09-25T13:27:22

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